Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Libertarian Andy Horning polling 6% in Indiana Governor's race

The latest Survey USA poll shows Andy Horning and his LtGov running mate Lisa Kelly have moved up from 3% in mid-August.

Horning, as I just noted in a previous post, is myth-busting: he draws almost equally from Democrats and Republicans.

The continuing ability of State and local Libertarian candidates in Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Indiana, and other places--while at the same time Bob Barr is tanking--points out that a conservative running as a so-called Libertarian is exactly the wrong strategy.


Eternaverse said...

Andy is a great guy and also a great debater, he by far was the winner of the the debates against our incubembent Governor and the Democrat running against him.

But his last name is spelled Horning, not Hornung.

Steve Newton said...

oops shit will change