Sunday, March 1, 2009

The American two-party political system: shooting ourselves in the feet for two centuries

And this is why I cannot take either of the two branches of the Demopublican Party seriously.

Because both sides try to score points off crap like this:

One of the companies for which I do consulting markets lesson-planning materials for social studies teachers. Like most web-hosting agreements, there is an automated advertising banner included to defray costs, and you get to check topics you think are relevant to your audience. About two months ago we discovered--in abject horror!--that Frederick's of Hollywood and Trojan condoms were randomly popping up on a website meant for middle-school viewing. Not supposed to happen. Couldn't happen, the web hosting guy told us. Did happen, we told him, showing him screen captures.

It is likewise true when you put up bulletin boards, people set up outrageous subjects and make ridiculous comments.

This is the world we (sadly) live in.

And adults need to get over pointing fingers at people about it.

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George Donnelly said...

Actually most web hosting services do NOT include advertising on your pages. Only the super-cheap/free ones. There are boundless web hosting options that do not include this stuff, which is a business model from the 90's and deserves to die.