Monday, March 2, 2009

The best--or at least the strangest--blogosphere lines of the month (and it's only March 2)

First, the best, from Kids Prefer Cheese (Michael Munger posting) referring to GOP criticisms of the current administration:

Look, people, you CAUSED this. A little humility might be in order.

I understand that the Obamarama is painful, as it is for us all. But you had the keys to the halls of power, and all you did for 8 years was run up the deficit and lick your own private parts in public.

Now the strangest line, from Delaware's own Kilroy:

I guess the only time possible where Delaware Liberals might wake up and smell the coffee is if Obama ask them to drink his piss!

Although I have to give props for a fairly close second in both categories to Dave Burris at Delaware Politics for this (slightly expurgated; Dave does not use asterisks) comment:

F**K RUSH LIMBAUGH. He is a valueless entertainer who has done as much to ruin our party by pushing people to the lowest common denominator as has any other person. I am a conservative because I believe that the original intent of the Constitution of the United States is worth conserving, not because I agree with some drug-addled jackass who is clearly doing this to drive ratings.

For a wonkish honorable mention, I give you Coyote on catastrophic economic predictions:

Remember that time, after the Enron bankruptcy, when gas trading and transportation came to a halt in the US? Or when air transportation ground to halt after Frontier, ATA, Aloha, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways all filed for bankruptcy in a 3 year period? Or when half of California lost power when PG&E went bankrupt? Or when car production came to a halt when parts supplier Delphi went into Chapter 11?

Yeah, neither do I....

GM has painted a picture that the US automotive industry will come to an end if they have to declare bankruptcy. This is complete BS.

Of course, no good round-up of great lines would be complete without Brian Shields at The Mourning Constitution:

You know how they say legislation is like sausage? Well, two or three huge bills have been rushed, and after the “sausage” was “cooked” and we started to eat it, we bit into a cockroach.

What will be the cockroach of this stimulus package?

By the way, Brian, given that you currently make your living as a pizza delivery guy, it's going to be a hell of a long time before I order another sausage pizza from Dominoes, since I'm not completely sure that this is all metaphor....

And I can't finish up without reference to Waldo's newest economic indicator:

Here's a new, occasional feature: the Gross Bigotry Product (GBP).

GPB will take a look at how much conservatives are willing to soak taxpayers for to deny gay taxpayers equal rights.

You can't always depend on the blogosphere for facts or accuracy, but it is almost always a good read.

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