Monday, March 2, 2009

Is this 1847 or what?

I only ask because we seem to be planning a new military intervention ... in Mexico:

In an interview today on NBC, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the US is in position to provide more help to the Mexican government to continue its fighting against drug cartels along the two nations’ border. Gates declared the drug war “a serious problem,” and said that he envisions the US providing training, surveillance and intelligence to Mexico.

Gates also praised President Felipe Calderon for his willingness to take on the cartels, though the clashes have killed a significant number of people and led the US Joint Forces Command to conclude that the nation was at risk for a “rapid and sudden collapse.”

Earlier this year it was reported that the US was considering playing an increasing role in the drug war, and the possibility of joint operations with the Mexican military was raised. Still, today’s comments by Gates were the most public acknowledgment that the Obama Administration is indeed moving forward with such plans.

How about we help by eliminating 90% of the drug lords' profit by end our own War on Drugs?

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tom said...

In a Policy Analysis study released on Feb 2 2009, the Cato Institute concluded that the only way to end the violence in Mexico, which has reached the level of full-fledged civil war, is for the U.S. to abandon Prohibition.