Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Progress in Mexico drug war is blood-drenched

Cocaine production surge unleashes wave of violence in Latin America

"Cocaine production has surged across Latin America and unleashed a wave of violence, population displacements and corruption, prompting urgent calls to rethink the drug war."

In Mexico's drug wars, fears of a U.S. Front

Mexico morgues crowded with drug-war dead

Chilling quote : "Drug traffickers know investigators use the cadavers to track killers. They have raided morgues and carted off bodies at gunpoint as shaking workers in blue smocks stood helpless."

Mexican drug gangs wage war

Buffalo drug raid leaves FBI agent in hospital (shot by another FBI agent)

Houston officer seriously wounded, suspect killed in drug raid

Perhaps the most dispiriting headline of all : House considers money for border, Mexico drug war

A 60 minutes report by CNN's Anderson Cooper :

I sincerely hope we are not seeing MSM rumblings of a scare campaign to support drug war escalation.

Does anyone believe more of the militarist escalation that is causing all this is ever going to stop it? How much, or how many dead, will be enough?

We will be decades fighting the organized crime networks that have become massive, well-armed, and well-funded because of the artificially-created drug black market profits.

Even if we legalized it all today, these criminal syndicates will persist. The Mafia got its big start through alcohol prohibition, but reigned crime on our country for at least 5-6 decades after it was repealed....much of it also through drug black marketeering, at that.

If we wanted to wage war, it looks like we are getting it...coming to our cities, not just Mexico's.


Anonymous said...

legalize drugs and as one condition has teh manufacturers of it have to immediately go to market with an IPO.

tom said...

"legalize drugs and as one condition has teh manufacturers of it have to immediately go to market with an IPO."

yeah, cause we're so good at making them obey the laws...

Mike W. said...

When will the madness end? As long as their an incredible demenad for drugs here, supply in Mexico, and people willing to do the trafficing we simply will not win this "War."

It seems to me like anytime the government delcares a "War On ____" we can be sure that it'll be a failure.