Thursday, September 27, 2012

A new meaning for "having the stones"

My absence, more or less, for the last couple days has not been occasioned by political upheaval or (as at least some probably hoped) lack of interest.

I have been busily "passing" (what an amazing euphemism for pissing out giant, jagged boulders) four kidney stones.

I am blissfully at the point where narcotic pain meds are no longer necessary.  I merely feel like someone has taken a baseball bat to my left kidney for the past 48 hours, and I can more or less kill that pain with prescription-strength doses of ibuprofen.

There are those who might argue that the writing would be more interesting if I typed away while on the drugs.  Look what it did for Ken Kesey.

Alas, you'll never know, because at a certain point in the moaning and groaning my wife pointed out to me that resting a laptop across my stomach above my kidneys might actually be contributing to more intense pain.  Good point, that.


Scott Gesty said...

OUCH!!! Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. Rest up! It's going to be a busy next few weeks on the political battlefields of Delaware!

Dana Garrett said...

I hope you passed your last stone. I hear they can be awful.

delacrat said...

"Acute renal colic is probably the most excruciatingly painful event a person can endure. Striking without warning, the pain is often described as being worse than childbirth, broken bones, gunshot wounds, burns, or surgery."

And you got 4 of those.

Hube said...

Man, if what delacrat posted is accurate, God bless you, Steve.

Hank Foresman said...

Boy or Girl? BTW my bride left a message Commission on Presidential debates arguing for Gary Johnson to be allow to debate.