Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some quick hits on a bad day

No, it wasn't bad because yesterday was primary day.  I'll post on that probably tomorrow.  I'm having a wonderful day with a sinus infection, so here's a few tidbits to hold you over. . . .

1.  Mitt Romney's Afghanistan strategy is different from Barack Obama's, except that . . . they are both the same.  And they're both terrible.

2.  President Obama--that great advocate for civil liberties--believes that the government needs even more unaccountable surveillance powers.

3.  Democrats want Elizabeth Warren to retool her ads.  I wonder when they're going to figure that that she's just a bad candidate.

4.  Something really big hit Jupiter and exploded.  Which will get about as much press as the fact that President Obama has been the worst president for civil liberties in modern history (against stiff competition from W, but Barack has stayed the course to finish in first).


Eric Dondero said...

Oh-My-God! Steve. Are you even an American???

My gosh! We were attacked yesterday. And you call Romney an idiot for wanting to have a strong response to the attacks.

Hey Steve, I have an idea. Why don't you just hand our country over to the Islamists. Surrender Steve. I'm sure you'll do just fine under Sharia Law.

My gosh. I am this fucking close to ending our friendship. You suck dude. I am just ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH YOUR COMMENT ON ROMNEY. A BIG FUCK YOU STEVE. A BIG FUCK YOU!

kavips said...

Eric, calm down.

Any friendship based on lies, needs to end. Steve is correct. You aren't

Romney has no plan. Period. Romney creates problems. Period. We need someone to solve them. Period. And it ain't Romney.

Your defense of him has me cracking up just thinking you think you are serious. It is like someone defending Bozo the clown as a good leader... I seriously doubt even one person takes you seriously.

You Romney follower you. The longer you stay, the worse you look. Just sayin' for your own good.

kavips said...

I originally came to the comment page to say thank you for number 4 Jupiter. I would have missed that. Seems like sometimes we are just too busy with junky politics and miss the real important things.

Thanks for the save...

Anonymous said...

Eric: Are you a child?

Keep up the good work, Steve.

Unknown said...

That's why you weren't at the debates tonight. You missed my LP tirade. Get well soon, I need you for the next fighting round.