Saturday, September 15, 2012

If the lawyers trying to kill ballot access weren't enough . . . .

Mitt Romney's people send out yet one more shil to tell Libertarians to vote for their candidate and not your conscience.

Mitt's worried.  As his position starts to collapse in the polls, the 4% Gary Johnson is getting nationwide starts to look easier to the GOP to go after than independents or conserva-Dems.

So, because he hasn't really attacked President Obama effectively, he's going after the other guy in the room.

Only problem is that it's not working, especially not on Ron Paul's supporters:

Mitt Romney is just not going to cut it for many of Ron Paul’s devoted legion of young followers. 
Most of the Ron Paul supporters approached by Red Alert Politics Friday night at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Va., said they could not see many differences between Romney and President Obama. Their general consensus was that Romney is a weak candidate who has not effectively made his case. 
Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson seemed to be the choice of many. They seemed undeterred by suggestions that a vote for anyone other than Romney equals a vote for Obama as they exited the ballroom where Paul had just finished speaking. 

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tom said...

I was there and most of the people I talked to liked Gary Johnson and wanted nothing to do with Romney.