Saturday, September 22, 2012

But how many more deaths will be required to change John Carney's mind?

From Stars and Stripes:

Letter from doomed soldier helped change congressman's mind on Afghan withdrawal date

President Obama believes we can go on losing American lives for no particular reason for another two years.

John Carney says he has reservations about this, but is unwilling to break with his own President.

Moral leadership, Mr. Carney, means doing what's right even if there is some cost to you, or to your party.

Obviously you don't get that.


Anonymous said...

John Carney is the poster child for the egregious fecklessness of Congress. He is a disgrace to Delaware and a disgrace to the United States.

Unknown said...

John Carney has displayed no ability for independent thought and analysis. He is a robotic, non committal example of everything that is wrong in DC today. If he could find a way to jolt his neurons into wakefulness, he may rise from his slumber and see the damage he is imposing on the American people and how completely redundant he is. John, stop sucking at the tax payer teat and give a damn!

Anonymous said...

Steve, Representative Bill Young change of heart on Afghanistan represents a turning point. I expect to see both Republicans and Democrats in the months to come to break with the administration; in fact I would not be surprised to see the administration throw its hands up in despair and call it quits.


Delacrat said...

If 11 years of catastrophe are not enough to persuade Carney to defund a needless and unjustified war, nothing will. Fact is, Carney is a war enthusiast who doesn't care if his vote gets you or your kid killed.