Monday, September 10, 2012

Judge Jim Gray to appear at DSU on 18 September: the details

Retired California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray, the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee, will appear at Delaware State University’s MLK Student Center on Tuesday, September 18, at 6:00pm.

Gray and his running mate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, have been polling around 5% nationwide, and as high as 9-10% in some states.  They are widely considered to be the most qualified pair of candidates that the Libertarian Party has ever nominated.

Following the general theme of “What do Libertarians think?” Gray will be discussing the ticket’s vision of cutting the Federal budget, replacing the Income Tax with the Fair Tax, ending the “war on drugs,” and bringing American troops home from overseas.  He will also speak about marriage equality.

Gray is a nationally known figure in the movement to legalize marijuana.

“It’s always exciting when a national candidate comes to speak,” said Scott Gesty, the Libertarian candidate for US House in Delaware, who will introduce Gray at the event.  “In this case, it’s particularly appropriate because the Democrats and Republicans are trying to silence our ticket on the national stage, just like they are doing in Delaware.”

Gesty referred to the potential exclusion of Johnson and Gray from the televised presidential debates, which parallels the expected refusal of the University of Delaware and Delaware First Media to allow third party candidates to join their debate for statewide candidates in mid-October.

Other local and statewide Libertarian candidates will also be appearing at the event.

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