Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jewish Federation of Delaware does about-face: Allows Third-Party candidates into Thursday night debate

. . . in effect throwing down the gauntlet to the University of Delaware and Delaware First Media, who still refuse to allow anyone but Republicans and Democrats to participate.

All credit to the JFD for changing course after concerns were raised by both the Green and Libertarian Parties.

Things CAN change.


Eric Dondero said...

Ironic, same day Obama the Radical Muslim turns down a request for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anyone who says Obama is not a Muslim is a fucking idiot.

Two embassies attacked by Muslims today, and fucking terrorist-aligned Obama does nothing!! Fucking asshole. Fucking traitorous mother fucking asshole.

Dana Garrett said...

Glad to hear that they have changed their mind. This debate is worth attending now.

Unknown said...

Great debate tonight. Here's the scoop from the podium: Once again, a room full of people who already had their minds made up and the rest party minions. I opened kind of weak and scary. I made sure to tar Carney and Carper with NDAA and PA and PA2 and how they are killing the bill of rights, but I didn't say enough about who I was so I had to find ways to work that in the rest of the night.
I de
finitely see me writing a position paper on Israel and Iran in my future as I got into a heated discussion over whether we should *give Israel $3.2billion in arms a year (hey, if they want to buy it, I say go for it, but we are not in a position to give free rides right now)... (that was an after-debate attender wanting to have a go with me. I told him I prefer to keep the middle east in sand, not glass).
Kevin Wade thought we imported a lot of our oil from the middle east. Some oilman he is!... we get less than 5%. Also, America is a net exporter of oil. That's right, we ship our oil to other countries. Drill baby drill my tush.
I killed the whole jobs discussion when I told the crowd - never trust a politician who says he's gonna create jobs and not say how; that they are full of BS. Shut it right down. Carper was reading his notes on Glass/Steagall and why it won't work if re enacted - written by a bankster lobbyist, of course!
Wade should have just stayed at home. He just can't get prepared enough in time to be effective. His vocal coach is messing up a good guy and turning him into....I don't know, but he's a decent guy and is not getting good advice. If it was just Carper and Wade it would have been a horribly boring evening. We would have had a better time outside. ;-) Kovich and Carney were complete wastes of time tonight when it comes to debating - (guys you need to do better than faux-slick sound bites) I know Tom is better than this performance, I never met Carney before; he was an hour late and was incoherent with beltway gibberish (we're not interested in who you had lunch with; I guess he was picking up a big check). Pires and I diverged on a number of issues. Phew! I now know how we differ on some policy issues and his attitude about the voters is not demonstrably friendly. I don't think he's going to fly in NCCo. He's got some great points but I think people forget them when he goes on a tirade on Carper. Better him than me.
I think I shocked the crowd with the material I got from the Delaware Sierra Club about our polluted aquifers. I'm told, some people were very upset about that revelation. Still it's very hard to distill these issues down to a 60sec response. I think I closed pretty well and I had a lot of people talking to me at the end of the evening. I will need to post a lot more essays on my web site as well as here.
The best part is that many people didn't know what to expect from me and I think I shocked/surprised and even impressed some. It kinda makes it all worthwhile. Tomorrow I can go back to being depressed about how bad things are, but tonight I'll bask in the knowledge that at least some people listened and understood. Thanks to all who came out and those who couldn't make it but were thinking of me.
The next debate is September 24 in the Lincoln, Ellendale-Milford area. I hope to see you there!

tom said...

Don't be too hard on Kevin Wade.

Today at Newark Community Day, during my breaks from helping to run the Libertarian Party of Delaware table, I took the opportunity to make other politicians uncomfortable.
Of the statewide candidates I saw, Kevin Wade was the only one willing to say that he would tell the University of Delaware that he is not afraid to face his 3rd party opponents and he does not believe they should be excluded from the "debate".

Unknown said...

I think Kevin is beginning to realize that Pires and I will do most of our damage to Carper, not him. Perhaps if he wishes extra strong on the evening star we could hand him the job. Not that it is my aim to do so. My job is to convince voters that our issues are important that real change is needed and they must vote 3rd party for a better future and kick out our bought and sold representatives in DC.