Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney gives everyone not voting for Barack Obama the perfect excuse to vote for Gary Johnson

I read Betsy's page like I read a lot of other aggregator pages:  whether  you accept their political ideology or not, they often give you quick gateways into posts of interest that you would never otherwise have seen.

Betsy is a Republican, obviously, and interested in pro-Romney, anti-Obama sites, and that's why it is so telling to find this comment on the Romney 47% gaffe:
I have to say that my first reaction to reading and hearing this video was the same as Josh Barro, Romney just lost the election. He's already behind and fighting the image that he's too rich to relate to average people. Saying that these people regard themselves as victims and so won't support him just comes off as contemptuous.
First reactions are often exactly right on target.  Although I also subscribe to the point she makes later that these gaffes are rarely as decisive as opponents would like (remember Obama and the "bitter clingers" comment), I think this one is pretty devastating, especially in the battleground states.

Which brings me to my chief point:  if it settles out that this gives Obama a pretty solid 4-5% lead, then that situation pretty much guts the argument that you shouldn't vote for Gary Johnson because you could throw the election to President Obama.

Romney will have already done that for us.

What remains is the opportunity to make a statement of principle that Libertarians and libertarian-minded Americans are rejecting a two-party system that locks us into only two choices and gives us a four-month gotcha orgy that has nothing to do with discussing the issues.

All you moderate Republicans out there, all you independents who are socially tolerant and fiscally prudent, guess what?  If the election has well and truly been thrown to President Obama, then it's time to sent that principled message by voting for Gary Johnson.

Because that will now be the only way you are NOT throwing your vote away.


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Unknown said...

Given the current make up of the state of Delaware, is it any wonder which candidate will win the electoral votes? That being said, a vote for Romney is a wasted vote anyway. Why waste it? Vote on principle and vote Gary Johnson because, Romney has no chance of winning DE anyway...

anonone said...

Vote Green Party. Johnson is just another sore-loser republican.

JFlee said...

Will you vote for Gary Johnson? http://celebrity-plugs.com/t/

tom said...

No offense intended, JFlee, but your Butt-Plug comments while cute the first time around, and A1's (who probably ought to buy one--offense intended) "sore loser" mantra are becoming really tedious.

Since you are not adding anything new to the conversation, perhaps you could self-censor after the 3rd or 4th repetition so Steve doesn't have to do it for you.