Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well apparently one of the deranged loonjobs regularly part of the MSNBC(NN) parade of freaks, Mona Eltahawy, took a break from defaming reality on-air to shoot off her big pseudo-victimized mouth in a NYC subway station while busily going about destroying property and practically assaulting a woman who tried to stop her lunacy...

...until reality (the real one, not the insane leftist "reality-based" reality, e.g. delusion world) decided to pay her a little visit.

It's been a long time since I can remember cheering the arrival of the police anywhere, much less the NYPD, but this had me out of my seat rooting (and laughing) when I watched.  But it wasn't because Eltahawy was pink spray-painting some political poster in an insipidly staged, albeit revealingly-frenzied, stunt (with cameras rolling, of course).  No, what did it for me was her repeated lunging and aggressive paint-spraying of a person standing in the way of her criminal mischief.

The scolded-child, quivering-lip-stuck-out look on this idiot's face as she realizes she's under arrest is priceless. (Note to Mona: repeatedly reaching into your bag while you're being arrested is NOT a smart move).

I am as much a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson supporting anti-interventionist as you get, but the Islamic jihadist movement and its violent, maniacal, murderous devotees will, sooner or later, have to be dealt with before nuclear weapons become their tools. It's just fatal ignorance to think this isn't an inevitable real-world danger.

It sucks that the BushObama wars have gotten us to this place, repeatedly swatting the hornets' nest to kill off the relatively-few offending insects, but like it or not we're here now.

Putting up posters or spray-painting over them does nothing towards confronting and dealing this reality, but this little video episode sure does highlight the berzerk, twisted nature of media pundit wackjobs who endorse, and even act on, the notion that free speech means accommodating active, and here even VIOLENT, designs to suppress or altogether obliterate free speech exercised PEACEFULLY by others who reject such designs.

H/T: NewsBusters

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Anonymous said...

Because the destruction of property is non-violent.