Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There will be no Occupy Charlotte during the Dem convention

Not as long as cops on mountain bikes and wearing riot gear, intent upon sanitizing the Dems convention appearance for them, have anything to say about it.


Anonymous said...


Eric Dondero said...

“The difference in tone and philosophy…the reliance on government, the praise on government, the central role it plays and their vision of America — very different from what we heard from Republicans in Tampa,” Wallace added. -- Chris Wallace, Fox News, post DNC commentary

Yet so many Libertarians still refuse to attack Democrats. They'd rather aim their fire at fellow teammates in the Republican Party.

And you wonder why our limited government side never wins?

Judas said...

Opposition from those to whom you are opposed is not surprising.
Opposition (or betrayal) hurts worst when it comes from those you are close to.
Surely, you fellow travelers within Team R will come to your senses and support the Libertarian candidates for office, right?
The limited government side is the Libertarian side. Join us, we'll win.

delacrat said...


You're (as usual) missing the point

Which is a government that derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed does not need a police presence of absurd proportions and capabilities to protect itself from the citizens.