Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Libertarian Republican blog calls for armed insurrection if Obama wins!?

Certainly seems like the language is pretty unequivocal:
Obama's approval ratings are in the 40s. not in the 30's. The fundamentals favor Romney, but not by much. Besides, Carter was merely a buffoon, Obama is a neo-Marxist, formerly a card-carrying member of the New Party (a socialist party). In 1980, our goal was simply to restore order to an economy deeply troubled by stagflation. This year, the country faces an existential choice. 
The bottom line is that you better have already bought a gun and some ammo BEFORE the election, because Obama need not wait until January to declare martial law. And, you better start thinking about which other country in the world to live, if you want to live free, because there is no guarantee that we will win. And, if we go down, let it be that we go down fighting, do not let it be written that we broke and ran in the face of the enemy. 
It beggars the imagination that there are folks out there who believe that civil liberties will expand, that government surveillance will decrease, that the DHS and TSA will have less power over our bodies and our individual security under a Mitt Romney administration.  In fact, for a president so (justly) reviled for his trampling of the US Constitution, Obama and Romney seem to be fighting to see who can shred the remnants of that document faster.

The reality, as Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson reminds us, is that under either Obama or Romney you get more military spending, more war, fewer civil liberties.  Yes, under Obama the government might not be interested in controlling women's vaginas or the gender of those getting married, and under Romney there might be few small business regulations and the government intrusions in the private sector will then be channeled away from the industries the GOP favors, but . . .

There's very little other difference between two post-modern candidates who value narrative over fact, and for whom there is nothing that occurs in American life that is not an excuse to raise PAC money for the next election.

All of which makes this talk of getting your guns before President Obama declares martial law in November or December 2012 exactly what it sounds like:  the paranoid delusions (or perhaps survivalist fantasies) of extreme right-wing nutcase.

Who damn sure are not Libertarians under any sane definition of the word.


tom said...
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tom said...

You better be careful Steve. Eric will throw another tantrum and end his friendship with you.

imagine the consequences!

you won't have to buy him lunch next time he's in Delaware, and ...

Chris W said...


Whatever you do, don't call Mittens "Obama-lite".

Just sayin'

tom said...

Why? Is Obama Mittens-lite?

or are they basically the same?

the only difference i see is that we can only be stuck w/ Obama for 4 more years instead of 8.

anonone said...

Eric Dumbdero is a walking time bomb. Why you keep promoting his bigotry and hate is beyond my understanding, Steve.

Thomas L. Knapp said...

It's a natural side effect of the usual hyperbole (THE MOST LEFT-WING ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY! A THOUSAND YEARS OF DARKNESS!).

Obama is the MOST LEFT-WING PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, see, because on health care he implemented the proposal (the "individual mandate") that conservative Republicans offered up in 1993, at the end of 12 years of Reagan-Bush and a year before taking power in Congress for the first time in 40 years.

So remember, until Obama, Reagan/Bush/Gingrich/Heritage were THE MOST LEFT-WING POLITICAL ERA IN HISTORY! Bwahaha!

Unknown said...

jeesh! It boggles the mind.