Friday, September 21, 2012

Vilest and most idiotic News Journal letter of the week

(With apologies to Hube for stealing his schtick.)

First off, this letter was published yesterday (September 19)--eight days AFTER the primary it was intended to influence.  That idiocy I assign to the News Journal.

However, the letter itself is vile for reasons I will explain below:

Congratulations to Nick Manolakos for his new career path as head master of the Odyssey Charter School. As a voter I applaud his new job choice. 
What I question is his commitment and ability to be a committed legislator or a committed head master. Last session Rep. Manolakos missed over 20 percent of the votes cast in Dover. Now in his new role what will he choose to be committed to? Thestudents and the school or being in Legislative Hall for session in Dover by 2 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from January to June. 
Either the students suffer or votes get missed. Seems to me that he would be receiving two state pay checks while being committed to only working two part-time state jobs. No chance I would cast my vote for that. 
Mike McBride 
First thought (for Representative Joe Miro):  next time you find somebody to place a letter in the paper slamming a candidate you should make sure that your letter writer actually lives in your district.  He doesn't. 

Then, before you start throwing low-class shit around, you should get the whole story.  Why has Nick Manolakos missed time at Leg Hall?  Because he's had a very sick daughter, you moron.

You can't name a significant vote he's missed that would have affected the outcome, because there haven't been any.

You can't name a time when Nick has allowed family or work issues to keep him from following up on constituent concerns, because there haven't been any.

Nick Manolakos has served the 21st (now 22nd) District effectively, and with honor.

I changed my registration to Republican just before the blackout period specifically to be able to vote for him in the primary.  (And given how I feel about the DE GOP this is not something I admit lightly.  Hear that, jason?  Feel free to take the shot.)

He chose to run a clean re-election campaign in a district gerrymandered to benefit Mr. Miro's chances, despite the fact that he--like a lot of us--knew exactly where Mr. Miro's ethical vulnerabilities lie.

Mr. Miro chose instead, with over 60% of the new district coming from his old one, to run a campaign that included smear and innuendo.

I have been proud of the votes that Nick Manolakos cast as my State Representative over the years.  He stood as a Republican for civil unions, for decreased penalties for non-violent drug use, for keep the budget in check, and for reasonable education accountability.

Hey, Nick!  Except for that vote against fusion candidacies last year (we forgive you), you actually sound more like a Libertarian than a Republican.

As for you, Mr. Miro, you will be known for the tactics you used, and I have hopes that--despite the fact that the GOP registration in the district favors you this November--that your tenure in this new district will be all of . . . two years.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the perpetual politician Nanny Joe Miro is the IDIOT who pushed and pushed and pushed for years to make using a mobile phone in your car (as MILLIONS of people do quite safely every day across the country, laws or no laws) yet another pretext for dumbass Miro's soccer-mom fellating police state.

Fuck him and everyone like him.