Friday, September 14, 2012

Libertarians win first round in PA ballot access: Mitt's lawyers to whine and appeal

The three-judge panel says Gary Johnson is qualified to be on the ballot.

Mitt's lawyers are undeterred.

Gotta love this pompous shit: 

PAGOP Spokeswoman Valarie Caras said the party supports the appeal.
“The Republican Party of Pennsylvania supports the objectors appealing the ruling issued by the Commonwealth Court because the bottom line is that not only were the Libertarian Party’s nominating petitions riddled with errors, duplicate signatures and in some cases, blatant fraud, the Commonwealth Court’s recent ruling will have significant consequences on the integrity of our Commonwealth’s ballot access process,” she said.
Uh, by the way, how many signatures did the Libertarians have to file to get on the ballot?

Answer:  20,000.

How many did the Libertarians turn in?

Answer:  49,000.

How many signatures did Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have to turn in ?

Answer:  2,000.

For those idiots who keep maintaining that Republicans and Libertarians are "on the same team," it would be instructive to remark that you usually don't try to get your teammate thrown out of the game.

If Mitt Romney loses the election because Gary Johnson is a spoiler in Pennsylvania, or Florida, or New Mexico, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, I can live with that.

Likewise, if Barack Obama loses the election because Gary Johnson is a spoiler in Colorado or North Carolina, I can also live with that.

We're going to get four more years of some big government type trying to run our lives anyway, and it might lead to Libertarians, and Greens, and Constitutionalists realizing that negative power is power nonetheless, and it is time to use it.

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