Monday, September 3, 2012

With friends like these . . .

In another post, Eric Dondero challenges me for not bashing President Obama as much as I bash Governor Romney.

Perhaps you hadn't noticed, Eric, but it is currently the GOP trying to push Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson off the ballot in Pennsylvania, in Iowa, in Michigan, etc., not the Democrats.

But that's beside the point.

I have bashed President Obama, plenty.  I have attacked his foreign policy on a regular basis; I have attacked his horrible record on civil liberties; I have attacked his broken promise to close Gitmo; I have attacked his stimulus spending; I have attacked his education policy. . . .

But, hey, who listens to me?

On the other hand, maybe I don't feel so obligated to go out and bash President Obama every day because there are plenty of senior Democrats ready to do it for me:

Lawrence Summers
Bill Clinton
Cory Booker
. . . and now Martin O'Mall ey.

Add to that list all the Democrats (like Hillary) who think he's so radioactive that they aren't going to the national convention, and you've got a pretty good sense of just what he's done wrong.

Meanwhile, Delaware's own Hube from Colossus of Rhodey explains--more succinctly than I have seen it done elsewhere--why even the people who have soured on Obama and are reluctant to sign up with the Republicans.


tom said...

Hey Steve, the first 4 links in this post don't work, also, the "and" in the last sentence probably wants to be "are".

Steven H. Newton said...

fixed thanks

kavips. said...

Since when did one have to be fair on bashing people... "Ooops I gave you one too many... Now your turn... you have to take two up front before I start count again..."

Seriously? The reason Romney gets punched so much, is because he deserves it..... and because he had a convention and stuck his neck out... Plenty of time this week for the other side to get bashed for sticking their neck out.

If someone is actually counting, this country is done for.. What a terrible waste of time.