Sunday, September 16, 2012

If you're going to condemn Romney for politicizing foreign policy . . . .

. . . then to be consistent you really ought to condemn Obama for politicizing the incredibly small defense cuts called for under sequestration.

And, by the way, they are not cuts.  They are reductions in the increase of growth of the largest military budget not only on the planet but in the history of the planet.

Here's a thought that will be lost on pretty much all except Gary Johnson and Ron Paul supporters, but I will try it anyway:

If you really have to do 48% of the entire planet's military spending to feel safe, then shouldn't you start asking yourself how you've pissed so many people off?


kavips said...

Just wondered if you saw this? It is his extremism that probably won't push him into the debates. His budget cuts are too fast and those who know budgets just say, unh, unh.

I wish he had a chance. I do like his record in NM and wish he could run on that, and loose the cutting 1.3 Trillion his first year.

tom said...

This so-called extremism is complete and utter nonsense.

How far back in history would you have to look to find a budget that is 43% smaller than this years?

According to the raw numbers in the Whitehouse's FY 2012 Budget (page 22 Historical Tables, Total Outlays column) the answer is 2003. But that is not accounting for inflation. Make that adjustmont, and the answer is 2005.

Does anyone honestly believe that the federal government was too small in 2005?

anonone said...

It is foolish to measure government size by a single budget number alone. For example, the government was too small in 2005 because it did (and does) not provide single-payer health coverage. It was too big because it spent the money on wars.

Oh, when republican sore-loser Johnson was the governor, New Mexico had one of the worst education records of any state in the country.

Is that part of the record you like, kavips?

tom said...

that may be true, but it sounds like even you do not strongly dispute my statement about the total cost of government--you just think that the money was horribly misallocated.