Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking through? Media coverage of Gary Johnson campaign intensifies. . . .

. . . albeit in rather, ah, interesting fashion.

1.  AARP does a major piece on third-party candidates and their positions on retirement, Medicaid, and Medicare.  I'm not suspecting Johnson will pick up a lot of support here, especially with contrasting lines like this:
In contrast to the anti-government Libertarians, the Greens want an activist government controlled by ordinary citizens. 
Kind of makes me wonder if the Romney campaign didn't put a bug into somebody's ear.

2.  Slate is now covering Gary as a potential spoiler in favor of Obama, and it's pretty clear that GOP efforts to keep him off the ballot in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are back-firing on the Republicans in a public relations sense.

3.  AP is covering the deliberations of the three-judge panel in PA about whether the GOP will finally succeed in pushing Libertarians off the ballot.  Look at the way the article is phrased, and it's fairly clear that the author is far more sympathetic to the LP than the GOP.

4.  Montana is now being listed as a potential GJ spoiler state:  he's polling at 7%.

5.  News outlets are now beginning to cover Judge Jim Gray's appearances now--when do you recall them covering a third-party VP candidate?

6.  The Washington Times is even covering Gary's statement on Libya.

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