Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Libertarian Senatorial Candidates Allen Buckley and Scott Jameson score at On The Issues

On The Issues claims to have the stand of Every Political Leader on Every Issue.

It's the place where you go when you need to know, very quickly, what Barack Obama, or John McCain, or Joe Biden said about this or that topic.

Until recently, however, it was not a place inhabited by Libertarians who weren't running for President; we seem to be the Baltic and Mediterranean on the far side of the board from the Demopublican Boardwalk and Park Place.

So imagine my delight and surprise to discover that two Libertarian Senatorial candidates--Allen Buckley of Georgia and Scott Jameson of Texas--now have their own pages at On The Issues. Buckley here; Jameson here.

[Snark: they have Buckley and Jameson, but haven't listed Bob Barr yet. Heh, heh.]

This is a major coup for Buckley and Jameson, as it represents a small but important break in the usual media embargo against Libertarian candidates in State races (and no other third party Senatorial candidates there have a party identifier attached to them).

The real story in 2008 is not that John McCain removed the stake from his heart to get out of the coffin and win the GOP nomination, or that Barack Obama managed to out-Bubba Hillary. The real story in 2008 is the coming of age of American political pluralism. The new media is just far too porous to suit the monopolistic tendencies of the Demopublican party.

Greens, Constitutionalists, Naderites, Libertarians....

We're starting to break through.

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Waldo said...

Don't feel so badly. Baltic and Mediterranean give the best ROI of any properties on the board.