Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No voter registration? That won't stop them. NC Libertarians field 38 candidates state-wide

So now I guess there are officially--if the NC voter registration rolls are to be believed--twenty-seven more Libertarian candidates in the Tarheel State than there are registered Libertarian Party members.

Here's the scoop from WVPT:

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will have a broad slate of candidates for the November election.

The Libertarians gave a list of 38 federal and state candidates to the State Board of Elections on Monday. The party qualified to be on the ballot in May after providing more than 70,000 signatures to the board.

The candidates include Chris Cole of Huntersville, who is running for U.S. Senate, Philip Rhodes for lieutenant governor and Mark McMains of Fuquay-Varina for state insurance commissioner.

Duke University professor Mike Munger had already announced his candidacy for governor.

By the way, just to set the record straight, the NCLP handed in 108,000 signatures, not the 70,000 referenced in the article. The party also raised over $200,000 for that effort, which compares favorably to some presidential candidates I can think of.

This kind of moxie is the future of the Libertarian Party.

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Shirley Vandever said...

A friend of mine, Jan McKay, is running as the Libertarian candidate for State Senate in Wake County. Woo-Hoooooo ! She is awesome....smart and dedicated.