Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Beacon compares North Carolina ballot access and voter registration rules to Zimbabwe: fortunately this doesn't make Munger into Mugabe

I really like the approach that The Beacon takes to the ballot access and registration status antics that the State of North Carolina has put Lbiertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Munger, Senatorial Candidate Chris Cole, and thousands of Tarheel Libertarians through:

Imagine the following: someone who opposes government policies wishes to run for office, and he and his party overcome the hurdles necessary to get on the ballot. The candidate is invited to a debate, but then that debate is cancelled and a new debate is scheduled. The opposition candidate is not invited to this debate, though. He distributes and displays campaign material in public places, but government highway workers remove these materials on the grounds that there is no election occurring at the time. Local election officials do not respond to the opposition party’s requests for registration forms and refuse to accept the party’s fees required to put the candidates on the ballot. Members of the party are required to re-register their affiliation, while members of the majority parties are only required to register their affiliation once. The government will not allow the party to hold a primary election.

This is actually happening right now. But where? Is it in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? The People’s Republic of China? Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela?

None of the three. It’s happening in North Carolina.

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