Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Greensboro News-Record covers Chris Cole's campaign for US Senate in North Carolina

I'm not sure if it's the chutzpah of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina or the fact that this year the Southern press seems more open to carrying news about our candidates than anybody else. Perhaps it's both.

But what I do know is that Dr. Michael Munger, the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, is not the only one making the news these days.

The Greensboro News-Record gave Chris Cole, the LP Senate candidate, a nice shout-out in his uphill battle against incumbent Senator Elizabeth Dole and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan.

Here's a taste:

"I think I contrast in every way," Cole said when asked to compare himself to Hagan and Dole. "They both consider government to be the solution for problems and I consider government the source of problems."

Cole is openly gay, a fact he says he hesitates to talk about only because he doesn't want it to define his campaign.

"That's not my essence," Cole said. "It does have implications for my point of view, as does being male, being Caucasian and being a Southerner."

When asked why he chose to run for federal office, Cole said issues such as the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq drove him to get into the race.

And, Cole said, he is frustrated with what he characterizes as out-of-control taxation, estimating that Americans spend roughly half their income on taxes.

"There's just this numbness to this concept of the government having taken over our lives," he said.

Hopefully, Public Policy Polling will begin including Cole in the August poll questions about this race (since they have done so for Dr Mike Munger, I don't really expect them to omit Cole).

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