Thursday, July 3, 2008

In case you missed it...

Until around late 2002 to early 2003 I watched Fox 'News' "coverage" about equally with CNN and MSNBC. I say "coverage" because my viewing never included any of their talking head shows.

I could never take Bill "A Current Affair" O'Reilly all that seriously, and found the others (like Sean Hannity) cut from his same cloth of bombastic doctrinaire pseudo-patriotism.

When even their "news coverage" devolved into a constant shrill hype-fest for WAR WAR WAR
with Iraq I simply tuned out for good and never looked back.

This is not to say I didn't regularly channel-flip through their "programming" (what a perfect word for it) for occasional 5-10 minute (out)bursts of high-pitched nonsense.

They never failed to deliver and have morphed over the last 6 years from propagandizing alarmists to truly alarming propagandists.

Witness their preposterous alteration (distortion) of the images of two New York Times journalists :

This is truly a new low worthy only of the Nazis or Stalinists.

It reminds of the propaganda posters physically caricaturing Jewish people as misanthropic gnomes with large hooked noses and sharp teeth. (The exaggerated nose of a target whose name is Steinberg certainly strikes me as no accident.)

The only thing more disturbing than these indefensible photo forgeries is the fact that millions of people still swear by Fox News and are daily "programmed" by its propaganda trash.


Hube said...

Tyler: Really, you've gotta stop the Hitler/Nazi/Third Reich analogies. FNC is hardly alone in such [childish] doctoring; rival MSNBC does it all the time, let alone "major" news outlets that have been caught photoshopping and/or sensationalizing stories based such photos.

I agree it is childish; however, singling out the ONLY major right-leaning network for doing such is disingenuous.

Tyler Nixon said...

Hube - I had a feeling you would show up with objections. As far as other networks doing anything even resembling this crap : show me.

Fox is not a "right-leaning" network. They are a shameless and disgusting propaganda machine for war.

Goebbels would marvel at what Fox is capable of.

Tyler Nixon said...

Incidentally, Hube are Stalinist references OK?

downwithabsolutes said...


I thought it was funny and totally apt coming from a network like FOX.

kavips said...

Damn it, those propagandists at that network must be in league with Delaware's DMV. Those local morons did the same to my Drivers License photo.

(I think its a button called "fit to form".)

Bastards. (lol)

tom said...

I love the "Fox News" parodies on The Simpsons where the news photos have devil horns or Hitler mustaches or similar stuff added to them.