Friday, July 4, 2008

Munger Money Grenade in mid-explosion

Mike Munger reports that the first day of the Money Grenade has garnered 150 donations and topped $5,000!

For a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate (who is now polling 5%) this is outstanding--possibly unprecedented.

As he says, if you are so nerdy that you are reading this on the 4th of July, hit the link and make a donation today. (I did.)

And remember all those other deserving Libertarian candidates.


Brian Shields said...

When I donated early this morning, there was a paypal script issue with the green buttons on the left. If you use the ones on the right, everything works well.

Jason Gatties said...

I'm making my donation to Munger in about 5 minutes.


eva said...

Well the same issue happened with one of my friend. Even he did face the same problem of paypal script with the green buttons. Might be some modifications going on at that time.
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