Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tick, tick, tick... July 4 is getting closer! Forty dollars anyone?

I stole this great graphic from Jason Gatties' web page, where they are really in the spirit.

(They will be less in the spirit if I only succeed in raising them my ten bucks.)

Speaking of that, I put the checks in the mail today for my four candidates (I don't do the credit card thing for donations).

Have you?

If you go visit Last Free Voice and check out the post and comments for Who are all the LP Candidates? you will find what is probably the largest comprehensive list (with significant though incomplete contact data) for Libertarian candidates around the country.

I bet you can find somebody you'd be willing to support with at least ten bucks.

My four: Munger, Buckley, Boman, Gatties (and if I can scare up one more ten-spot--maybe next week--Tom Knapp).

C'mon, as G. E. Smith said somewhere (I think it was on Scotty Boman's site), we don't need a Money Bomb; most of our candidates would be thrilled with a Money Fart.

You know what I'm really asking? To come up with forty bucks for your political principles, all you and your significant other would have to do is pass up one night at the movies with popcorn and drinks. I admit that the oily, artery-clogging, piss-colored butter substitute is seductive, but isn't liberty worth giving up one night out?

(Besides, with the gas money you save, you'll still be able to order an on-demand movie and snuggle on the couch.)

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