Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Can Be Sure This is How You Will Die if You Ask For Help

In a culture of indifference asking for help is a crime, subject to the maximum penalty that this 49 year old woman died from, a 49 year old who was having a heart attack, freaking out and summarily diagnosed with a mental disorder without checking to see if she had a physical problem and was involuntarily committed as a result of freaking out! This is how she died after she was left alone for 24 hours in an emergency room. Notice the people....

Fuck you American Medical System, fuck you American Medical Association, fuck your compassionate care bullshit, fuck your unscientific attitudes, fuck your money grubbing asshole doctors who care more about their fucking BMW then about their patients.

I just keep thinking how lucky those Aussies, Kiwis and Frenchies really are.


Nancy Willing said...

Is this for real? I never ask that question but this is too whack. How about the f++kwad in the tan suit who is chillin' right up until they bring in the stretcher and then puts on the indignant act?
It looks staged. It is too painful to believe.

Brian said...

Nope Nancy this is the real deal it happened at a hospital in New York yesterday.