Thursday, January 29, 2009

...But They Can Turn Around The Economy!

The US Postal Service is going out of business.

Like most organizations going out of business, it's cutting back. This time, it wants to eliminate Saturday delivery, pointing out that that will reduce its expenditure quickly.

The government cannot operate a 6-day-per-week mail monopoly, in the world's largest economy, at a profit... but we're supposed to believe it can nationalize, manage, and restore the debt-choked US economy?

Uh, OK.


G Rex said...

Ban junk mail. Seriously, there's some federal commerce clause that forces the USPS to schlep around all that crap at reduced rates, and 99.99% probably goes straight into the landfill. They'd probably save a million bucks a day on gas alone!

Anonymous said...

They should have a do not mail list like they have the do not call list