Thursday, January 15, 2009

How the Gestapo manufactures sex offenders...

From Classically Liberal:

Police in Greenburg Pennsylvania have arrested six teens and charged them the crime of "child pornography." NO, they weren't forcing small children into sexual acts. Three teenage girls sent nude, or semi-nude photos of themselves by email to their boyfriends. (So three girls and three boys.) All six are now deemed, by the morons who wrote the laws, to be child predators involved with "child pornography."

Who turned these teens into criminals? The jerks who run their local school. A teen was seen using a phone during school hours so the school confiscated the phone. Then, apparently without any legal right to do so, they searched through the phone to see what was on it. And when they found the racy photos they called the local sex gestapo to get involved.

I hope the school gets sued. I don't see a problem with them confiscating the phone during school hours if it is being used. But they have no legal right to search through the phone to see what they can find. This unnamed administrator is pure scum as far as I'm concerned. He, or she, has literally turned six teens in "sex offenders" and ruined their entire lives because of this. This is the kind of person who really does deserve a dark alley and some angry parents.

Need more be said?

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