Saturday, January 10, 2009

How The Left's Ridiculous Identity Politics Are Destroying A Minority

Proposition 8 passed in California by a 52% to 48% margin. And if you voted for it, you're a segregationist who voted to revoke the constitutional rights of a minority. Period, end of.

Or so you'd think.

Instead, a drawn-out and tedious argument has erupted, pitting the "gay community" against the "black community" (as though those are two monolithic and non-overlapping communities).

Idiots like Dan Savage shout racist rants from their web sites and cite their rage over the disproportionately high support for Prop 8 amongst black voters in California. Idiots like Jasmyn Cannick shout racist rants from their web sites and cite their opinion that marriage is about "white gays" who are all racists because some jackass drag queen in Atlanta has a racist act.

Oh, and let's not forget that I'm not allowed to comment about it, because I don't understand my white privilege, and I am not a Democrat, and I am male, and I chew gum, and on and on and on.

(Never mind that I live in one of the country's most integrated cities -- a city that could teach the New York, San Francisco, LA and Seattle crowd a thing or two about living in harmony. It's so much easier to throw people into warring categories, isn't it?)

It's enough to drive one to despair. Can't we view each other as individuals and respect each other's constitutional rights in the process -- without some ridiculous Oppression Olympics moving to center stage?

I guess not. Which would explain why so many Americans have seen so many of their constitutional rights -- across the board -- nullified or overruled by government fiat and majority vote alike.

And it gets even worse when it comes to "direct action" -- a recent "National Protest Against DOMA" advertised by Democrats isn't really a protest against DOMA at all. Rather, it's a demand for hate (thought)crime legislation, more funding flushed down the drain for federal AIDS research, and the elevation of LGBT people to a specially-promoted class through employment regulations (ENDA).

Predictably, a Democrat troll hopped in to Rob Power's post on Outright's blog and told Libertarians (and anybody else who disagrees with the left's efforts to hijack the marriage equality movement and hitch it to their big government bandwagon) that if we don't like it, we're not welcome and should go do our own thing.

So much for "diversity" and "building bridges" -- two touchstones of that crowd that seem remarkably fluid and revocable.

I believe in individuals. I also believe in truth in advertising. And I am tired of the deleterious effect that leftist identity politics and entitlement politics are having on the queer community in this country. It's just as damaging as the hate politics of the hard right.

To those lefties who think they're "helping" -- you're not, please stop.

To those lefties seeking power for themselves through such shenanigans -- you know where you can go.


Hube said...

Well said! :-)

a most peculiar nature said...

Brian, the blogosphere vibes must be working because you posted this at a time when I am dealing with a similar issue, albeit a different venue.

Someone was using tactics that I thought were counterproductive, and, to be honest, downright nasty. It involved an extremely personal attack on someone who did not agree with “us”. It caused someone to lose their job.

I expressed my opinion on the tactics involved, and was immediately reamed a new asshole.

They question my commitment. They quote Saul Alinsky. I can understand gamesmanship, but there certain levels of decency to which I adhere.

Where is the line drawn? I don’t know. It is situational.

You are so right in saying that there is no monolithic gay community, just as there is no monolithic black community, green community, or biker community. There is a whole bunch of different folk in each group.

I for one would rather address the merits of the argument than resort to low-ball tactics of intimidation and threats. It just tends to backfire on you eventually. You cannot “make” someone believe what you believe.

I don’t know the answer.

All I know is that this just as sure as hell ain’t it.

The Mudslinger said...

I have a different and rather simple, non-race, non-ethnic theory as to why Prop 8 passed:

CA voters are stupid.