Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Payback (or "Great Judgment There, Joe!")

This man has obviously not spent much time in Delaware in the last 8 years (except for his Greenville chateau and the Amtrak station downtown....oh, and Democrat Party sloppy-wet-kiss fests.)

"Vice-president elect Joe Biden on Monday praised outgoing Gov. Ruth Ann Minner as a passionate and courageous public servant whose career epitomized the American Dream, and whose achievements will become clear "with the hindsight of history."

"All they have to do is look at your record," Biden told a crowd of about 600 people assembled for "A Salute to Gov. Ruth Ann Minner" in the Rollins Center at Dover Downs. "Everything about you has been about life, preserving it, and opportunity."


Thanks Aunt Ruthie...especially from my son (Senator '10) Beau-ie!!


Delaware Watch said...

""with the hindsight of history"--I thought this was Biden's oblique way of saying, "It will be good to see the backside of you trotting away, Ruth Ann."

Tyler Nixon said...

LOL. You read my thoughts. I thought more like "the hind quarters of history".