Thursday, January 15, 2009

An eye for an eye, an outing for an outing...

The folks who supported Prop 8 in California and are now whining that they should be exempted from the transparency of campaign finance laws didn't hesitate to use campaign finance laws themselves to blackmail businesses that opposed the gay marriage ban.

No, they mailed letters to businesses supporting gay marriage threatening to out them, boycott them, and ruin them.

The image of the letter is too large to show on this page, so go here to read it.

Now these sniveling, hypocritical cowards want to be protected from their own tactics.

With protectors like these, traditional marriage is doomed.

[h/t Waldo]

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Anonymous said...

That letter is criminal coercion. OK, maybe not literally criminal, but morally so. Freaking self-righteous bastards.