Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Statist Idiot Quote of the Day

Warning : Contains incendiary naming of names, not for the government-friendly and government careerist teat-suckers of faint heart.

A telling quote today comes from a lobbyist whore for 57 different governments across Delaware (yes, now even government itself has sleazy hired gun lobbyists...and, yes, Delaware appears to have 57 different governments below state them entrenched useless duplicative patronage machines, if you will).

The individual also, unsurprisingly, is a lickspittle for Wilmington Mayor James Baker and a Democrat party hack.

The issue giving rise to the absurd statement was the passage of a property rights protection bill in the Delaware Senate yesterday, defeating the fascist Wilmington government and the greedy developers with whom it is in bed.

The bill, SB 7, restricts eminent domain powers, halting Delaware government(s) from snatching private property by force and on the cheap, in service to private developers and speculative tax revenues.

Rhett D. Ruggerio, a lobbyist for the Delaware League of Local Governments -- an association of 57 towns and cities, including Wilmington -- said the group opposes the bill.

"It's very simple -- we will not support any legislation that takes away the rights of local government," he said.

Simple, indeed.

It truly takes a dangerous statist of the highest order to believe government has "rights" (versus duties and powers).

Let's hope the Delaware House and Governor Markell follow the Senate's lead and reject such twisted exhortations as above.


Hube said...

Three words: Oh. My. God.

a most peculiar nature said...

I picked right up on that quote this morning and included it in my email to Rep. Bryon Short.

Email to Rep Short is here:

People need to know that they can't just sit around and moan about it. They gotta make that call/write that email.

Thank goodness for snow days !

Anonymous said...

Helene Keeley got my email.

I CC'd Kowalko.
Any Tyler Nixon.

Where is it written in the US Constitution or the Wilmington Charter that Cities have Rights?

Can we demand our TAX dollars NOT be used for such a Lobbyist? At least when he goes against the public good? This is Frightful.