Sunday, January 11, 2009

... in which the Klan files for entrance into the Witness Protection Program...

... because, after all, transparency in the political process is not required if you win.

From the AP

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Supporters of the ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California have filed a lawsuit seeking to block their campaign finance records from public view, saying the reports have led to the harassment of donors.

"No one should have to worry about getting a death threat because of the way he or she votes," said James Bopp Jr., an attorney representing two groups that supported Proposition 8, Protect and the National Organization for Marriage California. "This lawsuit will protect the right of all people to help support causes they agree with, without having to worry about harassment or threats."

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Sacramento, asks the court to order the secretary of state's office to remove all donations for the proposition from its Web site.

It also asks the court to relieve the two groups and "all similarly situated persons" from having to meet the state's campaign disclosure requirements. That would include having to file a final report on Proposition 8 contributions at the end of January, as well as reports for any future campaigns the groups undertake.

Poor little klansmen. Somebody wants to make you take off your hoods. What's the problem? you ask. That pesky negro family moved out after we burned those crosses in their front yard. We shouldn't have to reveal ourselves if our tactics worked.

I found this post via Sunlit Uplands, a South Carolina blog that trumpets itself as advocating Faith, Freedom, Defense of the West, Renewal of the Culture.

Here's their latest piece of whining about those mean homosexualists who won't stay in their segregated compartments:

As we will no doubt see when Pastor Rick Warren offers a prayer for our incoming President, volatile, disordered rage seems to be part and parcel of the homosexual lifestyle. A Fox News headline declaring "Inaugural Pick Sparks Gay Fury," prompted an editor friend of mine to ask, "when was the last time gays were 'mildly vexed' by some turn of affairs, and expressed 'measured disappointment'"?

South Carolina's liberal blogosphere seems to have more than its share of enraged homosexualists. We don't expect them to like everything we publish here at Sunlit Uplands, and frankly, we don't care.

We will not engage their steady stream of insults, nor will we post coarse, insulting comments. We welcome comments of opposing points of view and will readily publish all that are civil. We will not provide a forum for those who coarsen the culture. Our intention is to defend, and in a small way to help in the renewal of a culture that is Christian and fully human.

This needs to be translated into plain English. It seems to mean (a) that potentially offending language is less important than depriving people of their civil rights; and (b) that if they ignore queers, the entire LGBT community will just go away and forget about that whole marriage thing.

Heck, those bloody homosexualists might even fail to notice that those people who need their anonymity protected are now trying to have all the gay marriages performed before Prop 8 nullified.

[h/t Waldo]

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Brian Miller said...

Well, I guess that's why they choose to live in South Carolina rather than the United States, huh?

Oh, sorry, I forgot. I'm not allowed to snark about the Southland -- it's offensive. Rants about Yankees and homosexualists though -- quite alright!

It's the new PC, brought to you by the fringe right.

If they cause you real harm, you should sit down and shut up, because only they understand the One True Path -- and if that path happens to require a bulldozer through your house, well, that's just God punishing you.

But merely offend them, and you're a candidate for capital punishment.

Sheesh. I remember when the Republican media machine had smart people in it. Seems so long ago now.