Monday, January 12, 2009

The Venal Rhetoric of Barack Obama

As part of the endless PC "dialogue" on Prop 8 that I blogged about yesterday, I came across this gem that summarizes the loathsome disingenuousness of Obama's rhetoric in an easy-to-digest form.

As part of the discussion on why Obama's selection of Warren is so unacceptable, an Obama partisan writes:

obama was elected as a president for all the people, including conservative christians and those who have big unresolved "marriage issues" - you know, *americans*!

Yes! He is The One!

Now that WE have elected him, the seas shall slow their rise, and the planet shall heal! His tongue is dipped in the golden truth, as Oprah Herself noted!

All conflict shall cease! The sky shall open, celestial choirs will sing, and everything will be perfect! (The latter was Hillary Clinton's hilarious and very on-target dissection of Obama's ridiculous rhetoric).

But what's this?!? The same Obama partisan, a couple of paragraphs later, lectures the annoyed homos thusly:

if you are "hurting", you need to let obama & Us know how you feel about his choices re: warren & mcclurkin in a constructive way.


"Us" = real Americans (who supported Obama)

"You" = filthy homos (who need to explain your perverted rage to we Real Americans so we can decide whether or not dignity should be granted in this instance, in exchange for more money and votes)

"constructive way" = Sit down and shut up, faggots.

Now imagine if the situation was reversed, and a President-Elect McCain was inviting Rick Warren to give his invocation. The same Useful Idiots covering for Obama would be releasing *outraged* statements in support of the LGBT community, noting the pain and suffering such a decision caused, and demanding social justice!

It's enough to make one vomit.

I used to get annoyed at political movements who did this (Bush's movement was identical, incidentally).

But now I am more annoyed at the LGBT leadership, who have transformed a large bloc of voters and political contributions into the abused spouse of the Democratic Party. Despite $80 million in Obama's warchest; despite delivering Obama his margin of victory and then some; despite endless advertising Obama did in the gay press; "we" have to explain to "America" why the selection of one of the country's most anti-gay voices -- from California, home of Proposition 8 -- isn't a good idea.

Here's a better idea. Let's pick up the phone and inform Obama that if he goes ahead with this, we'll stay home in 2012 and keep our pocketbooks closed.

Unfortunately, most queer politicos are in it for the money and influence, and not the principle, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Meanwhile, I'm recommending to LGBT people of all races and political backgrounds, to prepare for an administration that is half Clinton and half Bush. So much for "change."


Eric Dondero said...

Actually, more like half-Clinton, 1/4 Adolph Hitler and 1/4 Josef Stalin.

Eric Dondero said...

Bush fought Islamo-Fascism. Barack Hussein Obama is one.

Anonymous said...

"Bush fought Islamo-Fascism. Barack Hussein Obama is one."

Seriously? We're still on this "Obama is a Muslim" crap?

Bowly said...

My high school valedictorian's speech:

"Eighteen years ago I couldn't even spell education. Now I are one."