Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dennis Kucinich More-Or-Less Hits It

I remember remarking to ravening Ron Paul supporters, who were generously ignoring Paul's far-right-fringe views on social issues, that Dennis Kucinich is at least as Libertarian as Ron Paul.

Such an observation was heresy, and I was pilloried by the usual "radical" Libertarians with endless abuse because of it.

However, as usual, I've been vindicated (though a bit late). Here's Kucinich's response to the banking crisis:

Why, that position, with a tweak or two, could have been pulled straight from the Libertarian Party platform, before it was Republicanized...

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Tyler Nixon said...

Thanks for posting this, Brian. I was going to put it up as a follow-up to the Ron Paul-MSNBC video.