Friday, January 30, 2009

So much for those high standards on lobbyists....

Once is happenstance. [Deputy SecDef in charge of the Pentagon; Raytheon lobbyist]

Twice is coincidence. [Undersecretary at HHS; non-profit lobbyist]

Third time is rank hypocrisy.

Oh, sorry: the number is now thirteen lobbyists nominated or appointed by the Obama administration [see below]

From HuffPo [and, strangely, not being picked up by liberal/progressive blogs around the country]:

Daschle Chief of Staff violates new lobbyist rule

The new chief of staff to health reform czar Tom Daschle was a lobbyist through late last year and will have to recuse himself from issues he worked to influence, an administration aide said Thursday.

Daschle adviser Mark B. Childress is the second lobbyist to land in the top ranks of the Health and Human Services Department and joins at least 12 others who have found jobs in the administration -- despite the president's repeated pledges during the campaign to stamp out their influence in Washington.

I can't wait for the rationalizations.

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Waldo said...

Politics is principle honored in the breach, as we saw with the Barr-Root ticket.