Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be Libertarian with us, Delaware! Episode Two: The War on Drugs

Let's face it:  NO Demopublican administration has been willing to come to grips with the appropriate strategy for ending the war on drugs.  In fact, under President Obama the Drug Enforcement Administration has begun to rival the Transportation Security Administration for the title of "America's Gestapo."

In this arena, Delaware Democrats and Republicans have been not just a disappointment, but a disaster.

Perhaps they pat themselves on the back for passing a Medical Marijuana law, but without the will to support our doctors, producers, and patients in the face of DEA stormtrooper tactics, the law means nothing.  Here, from the 2012 electoral platform of the Libertarian Party of Delaware, is the stance of our state and local candidates on the "War on Drugs":

“War on Drugs”
The Delaware General Assembly passed a medical marijuana bill, but has lacked the courage to challenge an out-of-control Federal Drug Enforcement Agency that currently prevents most providers from even considering the use of marijuana as a palliative for chronically and terminally ill patients.  We have allowed the “war on drugs” to become the “war on cancer patients.”
Just as bad, the State of Delaware persists in treating drug usage as a criminal rather than medical problem, with all the social and financial disadvantages that such a strategy entails.  Our jails are overcrowded with non-violent drug offenders, and our rehabilitation resources are inadequate.
This has to stop.  Libertarian candidates propose the following as first steps toward a rational drug policy:
1.      The Delaware General Assembly should immediately instruct our Congressional delegation to introduce legislation stripping the Federal government of power over drug policies adopted by the States.
2.      The Governor should immediately instruct Delaware’s Attorney General to make a priority of the defense of any providers operating under the State’s medical marijuana law against actions by the DEA and other Federal agencies.
3.      Legislation should be passed that commutes the sentences of non-violent drug offenders and restores their rights and privileges, with the consequent savings of incarceration costs being moved to support addiction treatment programs.
4.      Legislation should be passed that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.
5.      Legislation should be passed that prohibits use of Civil Forfeiture on property belonging to any person who has not been convicted of a felony, limits the scope of any Forfeiture actions to the direct proceeds of proven criminal activity, and guarantees the owner the right to a trial by jury.

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