Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WDEL's Electionwatch: Wonder when the intern quit?

At first I was just a little hacked off personally because, when I opened WDEL's Electionwatch page there was absolutely no mention of the Libertarian Party or Libertarian candidates.

There are links for Republicans, Democrats, IPOD, and the Greens.  No Libertarians.

I know we aren't finished getting all of our candidates on the ballot, but a number of them (like Scott Gesty or Wendy Jones) have been ballot-qualified for weeks.  No mention.

No Gary Johnson running for President.

So I sat down to write WDEL a polite "please include us" email, and in so doing I realized that a lot more than Libertarians are missing.

Alex Pires (IPOD) and Andrew Groff (Green) are apparently NOT running against Tom Carper.

Ben Mobley (GOP) is apparently NOT running for insurance commissioner.

There are others, but my favorite is the 32d State Representative District, which I'm obviously interested in because Will McVay is running, and Ellis Parrott is running away from him.

Now, as I understand it, Brad Bennett announced his tearful decision not to run for re-election due to his alcohol problems.  Bill MacGlumphey announced for the Democratic nomination and so did Brad's wife.

On the GOP side, Libertarian Vice-Chair Will McVay changed parties and declared for the spot, causing a mad scramble as frightened GOPers trotted Ellis Parrott out of retirement to try to keep Will out.

Never happened.

According to WDEL, Brad Bennett is running against Ellis Parrott.

The irony here is that the inclusion of Parrott's name means the site had to be updated after Bennett pulled out and all the other candidates declared.  Parrott didn't get into the race until after McVay declared.  And McVay declared as a Republican, so the old "we don't acknowledge Libertarians" explanation doesn't work.

I don't know as much as I should, admittedly, about all the other races in the State, but I am pretty sure there is somebody running for the 6th District Senate seat.  Like maybe the Lopez/Urkle primary?

Having worked for and with organizations like WDEL, I know that it's not Alan Loudell or Al Mascitti who is responsible for  maintaining this page.  They probably never even look at it.

But people interested in Delaware elections using a search engine are very likely to find it, which should be at least embarrassing for the station.

At the very least, Shellhorn & Hill, the company paying to sponsor the page, should be a bit hacked off.

C'mon guys, clean it up.

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