Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's afraid of debating a Libertarian? Apparently Ellis Parrott

In Delaware's 32nd Representative District, retired judge Ellis Parrott is apparently afraid of mixing it up with 27-year-old Libertarian/Republican upstart Will McVay.

The Kent County Young Republicans had scheduled a debate between the two for August 30, but this week sent Will the following email [names etc. extracted]:

Hi Will,
Ellis backed out of the debate. Says he won't debate you unless you step down as the vice-chair of the Libertarian party.
Let me know if you're interested in doing that. Otherwise, looks like Ellis is looking for excuses not to debate.
Let me know either way- if not, I have to make an announcement that he's backed out.

To quote kavips:
No one is deserving of office in these United States of America if they can't musturd up the fortitude to debate a Libertarian.
Will, speaking not just as the proprietor here, but as the New Castle County Chair, LPD, go ahead and resign.  Call this fool's bluff.  As you said earlier, Delaware's Libertarians know who you are.

And for those of you who'd like to ask Mr. Parrott why he is so scared to debate his primary opponent, you can ask him yourself at his Facebook page.

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Unknown said...

As posted to Parrott's FB page: As a prospective legislator it is incumbent on you to openly debate the issues of the state and region you represent with your primary opponents and ultimately with your general election opponents. To ignore your opponents is to ignore your constituents. The position you vie for is not an executive one nor a judicial one. The very nature of the job requires reasoned argument with opposing views. Your performance in election debates enables voters to discern your legislative capabilities. Don't disappoint them.