Sunday, July 29, 2012

I missed these from the Cape Gazette covering Libertarian candidates

Libertarian candidates and activists joined Delaware Right to Marry at Delaware State Fair on July 26, to collect signatures for a marriage equality petition designed to convince legislators to move beyond civil unions and approve same-sex marriage during the next session of the General Assembly.
Wendy Jones, candidate for Senate District 6, said she wasn't surprised not to see Republicans or Democrats willing to stand for hours asking fair-goers to sign petitions.  "They seem to be more worried about not upsetting anybody than about taking a stand for the civil liberties of all Delaware citizens," Jones said in a press release.
Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner, David Eisenhour, said of Democratic incumbent Karen Weldin Stewart, "I'm out here asking people to help stand up for the right of people to marry whomever they love.  Ms. Weldin Stewart came by and posed for a couple pictures, but wouldn't sign the petition."
Other Libertarian candidates at the event included Ronnie Fitzgerald, who is running for Representative District 35; Will McVay, who is running for State Representative District 32; and Andrew Groff, the Green Party and Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senator for Delaware.

Delaware Libertarian Party candidate Scott Gesty announced July 19 he would challenge Delaware’s Democratic Congressman John Carney in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 general election.
At his official campaign kick off in New Castle County, Gesty said if elected he would limit federal intrusion into public education. “John Carney supports corporate control of education with Vision 2015, and he supports Federal control with Race to the Top.  The only type of control he doesn’t support is by parents, teachers, and elected school boards,” Gesty said.
The candidate also said he would campaign to keep the Drug Enforcement Agency from hindering Delaware’s medical marijuana law.   “The war on drugs has become a war on cancer patients,” Gesty said.  “Delaware’s congressman needs to keep the feds from getting in between patients and doctors.”
Gesty said he would challenge Carney on voting to raise taxes on Social Security recipients, exempt corporations from medical billing requirements, and failing to keep America’s military operations under Congressional control.  In his only reference to Republican Tom Kovach, Gesty said, “He’s not going to raise these kinds of questions, but I will.”

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