Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kowalko and Jaques still pontificating about the numbers on HB 392 without providing them

I don't know if you can take more than twelve minutes of The John and Earl Show, especially the two minutes Kowalko takes to explain why they are such "good partners" because he does morals and Earl does the details, but . . .

There are some nuggets in here, especially Earl Jaques repeating his completely unsupported claim that the numbers behind his Single-payer Ponzi scheme have been tested by the Controller General and the Secretary of Finance and been validated by them.

Earl, where are the damn numbers?  You promised you'd answer questions, Earl, so where are the numbers?

I'll be heading home on Monday, so we'll see if there is a response to my FOIA request from the Secretary of Finance, but in the meantime everyone needs to remember that until Earl can actually put up or shut up with the numbers, the best analysis we've got says they don't work.

Here's the video (by the way, catch the early part where Earl admits that he doesn't even know that Single-payer is the "best" choice for Delaware.

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