Thursday, July 26, 2012

In many races, Libertarians already are Delaware's second political party

In seven General Assembly races this year, the choice will come down to a two-person race between a Libertarian candidate and a single Democratic (5 races) or Republicn (2 races) opponent.  (There may be more; we are not completely finished filing candidates).

Here is the list:

State Senate District 1:  Three Democrats in primary; Libertarian Brian Lintz; no Republican filed.

State Senate District 4:  Republican Greg Lavelle; Libertarian Marcia Groff; no Democrat filed.

State Senate District 7:  Democrat Patti Blevins; Libertarian James Christina; no Republican filed.

State Rep District 7:  Democrat Bryon Short; Libertarian C. Robert Wilson; no Republican filed.

State Rep District 14:  Democrat Pete Schwarzkopf; Libertarian Margaret Melson; no Republican filed.

State Rep District 15:  Two Democrats in primary; Libertarian Amy Merlino; no Republican filed.

State Rep District 35:  Republican David Wilson; Libertarian Ronnie Fitzgerald; no Democrat filed.

The Libertarian Party of Delaware will be outspent in all of these races because we're still very much in a beginning organizational state for purposes of fundraising and traditional campaigning.  But it is very telling with regard to the creaking and straining two-party Demopublican system in Delaware.  The Republicans have apparently completely given up on the idea of challenging their opponents in a sufficient number of races to achieve any change in the balance of power in the legislature, while it is astounding that even after redistricting gerrymandering the Democrats cannot find candidates to oppose every Republican.

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