Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ellis Parrott asks you to call or email him about his refusal to debate Will McVay

Here's his message:

For everyone concerned, the reason I will not debate McVay is he owes his allegiance to the Libertarian Party not to the Republican Party. If anyone would like to know how I stand on issues, they can call me 670-8345 or e-mail me at 

I personally think you should take him up on his offer.  Feel free to report back any response you get.


tom said...

I wonder how long it took Mr. Parrot's owners to train him to repeat that bit of utter nonsense.

Shouldn't someone seeking office represent the people of their district, rather than pledging allegiance to the whims of their party leadership?

Unknown said...

As posted to Parrott's FB site: This is a non-sequitur sir. Shame on you for such a spineless retort. Don't look now, your character is showing.

Anonymous said...

Can we really listen to Andrew. This would be a Senate candidate who doesn't even know what office his supporters or the people he chooses to back are running for.

"William McVay for DE Senate Facebook Site"

Copied from Candidate Groff's web site.....not sure but i believe McVay is running for Representative....and I believe this week it is as a Republican.