Friday, July 20, 2012

WGMD: Scott Gesty kicks off Libertarian campaign to unseat John Carney

Will Scott succeed in breaking through the Delaware version of a media blackout that has kept candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson away from major news outlet coverage?

Too early to tell.

But it is promising that at least WGMD News decided to carry a piece on his campaign kick-off:

A third candidate has gotten into the race to unseat John Carney as Delaware’s lone representative in the U.S. House.
Scott Gesty is the Libertarian Party nominee for Congress. He kicked off his campaign last night at the New Castle County Libertarian Party meeting. Gesty says he’ll campaign on limiting federal intrusion into public education, and also getting the DEA out of the way of Delaware’s medical marijuana law. Gesty says the “War On Drugs” has become a “war on cancer patients.”
“This year the Libertarian Party is going to be part of the debate,” announced Scott Gesty, the Libertarian Party of Delaware candidate for US House of Representatives.  “We’re on the right side of so many issues that are important to Delaware that a party label won’t matter,” he said, speaking Thursday night at his campaign’s formal kick-off, the New Castle County Libertarian meeting at Panera Bread on Kirkwood Highway.  About twenty Libertarians attended, clapped and asked questions.
Limiting Federal intrusion into public education would be one of his campaign’s main themes, Gesty said.  “John Carney supports corporate control of education with Vision 2015, and he supports Federal control with Race to the Top.  The only type of control he doesn’t support is by parents, teachers, and elected school boards.”  Gesty noted that with state and local funds paying over 93% of public education expenses in Delaware, “The tail should not be wagging the dog.”
Gesty will also campaign on keeping the Drug Enforcement Agency out of the way of Delaware’s medical marijuana law.  “The ‘war on drugs’ has become a ‘war on cancer patients,’” he said, arguing that Federal raids on state-approved marijuana dispensaries in California, Colorado, and Michigan have scared Delaware doctors into being unwilling to prescribe the drug.  “Delaware’s congressman needs to keep the Feds from getting in between patients and doctors.”
He also told the crowd that he would challenged the incumbent on voting to raise taxes on Social Security recipients, exempt corporations from medical billing requirements, and failing to keep America’s military operations under Congressional control.  In his only reference to Republican Tom Kovach, Gesty said, “He’s not going to raise these kinds of questions, but I will.”

Find out more about Scott's campaign (and consider donating) here.

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