Sunday, July 29, 2012

Delaware Politics: worried about Scott Gesty?

Thirteen hours later and my comment on David Anderson's post on the Delaware congressional delegation and voting for "Audit the Fed" is still in moderation.  What did I say that was so dangerous?

I pointed out that only Libertarian Scott Gesty--and not Republican Tom Kovach--had actually come out with a public statement criticizing John Carney for his vote against auditing the Federal Reserve.

That's apparently the new verboten at Delaware Politics, which still does not show my comment to anyone else.

Well, thanks to the magic of screen capture, you get to see it here:


kavips said...

Please forgive the staff at Delaware Politics. They are currently in denial and not available to take comments. Reportedly they are locked in a single room with copious amounts of vodka....

The real question: is where are they keeping Gorbachev...?

Anonymous said...

Comments go into moderation at that site when there are multiple hyperlinks.

I highly doubt it's a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm a defender, but maybe, unlike the recreational character assassins at Delib, they have lives and better things to do on Saturday nights. And, of course, they're all at church now. Repenting(?)

Hube said...

anon 2 is correct. There's no conspiracy. Other WordPress stes I frequent put comments in moderation if there are multiple hyperlinks.

Steven H. Newton said...

Reasonable presumtion except that it has been over twenty-four hours, David has already put up several new posts, and he reliably checks his moderation filter much faster than that.

That's why I waited over 13 hours before posting.