Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who do you side with?

An interesting online political quiz that surprised me in terms of how well it was thought out, how subtle it was, and how accurate it was.

I came out as 89% for Gary Johnson (I was impressed that he was even an option).

Try it here:  I side with . . . ?


tom said...

95% Ron Paul
94% Gary Johnson

I question the Ron Paul number a bit, because he disagrees with me on abortion and it doesn't appear to have counted that difference.

Project Vote Smart has a similar survey, though theirs is not as flexible in letting you choose more nuanced answers or fill in your own. they also include minor party candidates. try it at

They also claim they will have similar surveys for Congressional candidates soon, and that Delaware's will be available Sept. 25th. We should make sure they have accurate info on Scott Gesty's positions by then.

delacrat said...

79% Jill Stein

72% Gary Johnson

kavips said...

It was very accurate.

pandora said...

90% Barack Obama
87% Jill Stein

LOL! 4% Mitt Romney

Pencademom said...

78% Gary Johnson
77% Jill Stein

John Galt said...

Ron Paul 97%
Gary Johnson 96%
Virgil Goode 80%
Mittens 80%
3rd worst president of all time 33%

tom said...

@John Galt

that's really weird. i had Romney at 60% & Obama 14%

now i have to wonder what answer(s) could possibly make this survey score you 2% closer to Paul & Johnson than me while simultaneously being 20% closer to Obama & Romney.

also, who do you rank as your two worst presidents? my 3 worst would be 1. Obama, 2. Bush II, and 3. Bush I.

John Galt said...


I didn't give many, if any yes or no answers. That could explain the differences.

As for my ranking of the worst presidents, I have:

#1 Lincoln
#2 Wilson
#3 Obama
#4 George W
#5 FDR

Lincoln gets the top spot for:

1. Started catastrophic war in order to prevent freedom to secede

2. Murdered 350,000 Americans

3. White supremacist who did not care about slaves and tried to deport all blacks to Liberia

4. Destroyed 10th Amendment

5. Suspended habeas corpus

6. Imprisoned 15,000 political opponents without a trial

7. Shut down/destroyed newspapers

8. Rigged elections

9. Started draft and murdered its protesters

10. Divided Virginia for electoral advantage

11. Ordered destruction, plundering, rape and murder of Southern civilian towns

12. Nationalized railroads

13. Morrill Tariff

14. National Banking Act

15. Dahlgren Affair

I could go on and on.

As for Wilson, I put the lions share of the 65 million dead of WW2at his feet. As well as:

1. Created Federal Reserve
2. Created Federal Income Tax
3. Created Federal Trade Commission
(Read "In Restraint of Trade" by Butler Shaffer on this topic
4.Created League of Nations
5. Sedition Act of 1918
6. Espionage Act of 1917
7. Prohibition
8. Created Federal Farm Loan Act

I could go on and on.

tom said...

I acknowledge your points, and almost agree with you. I am fully aware of and do not excuse the crimes and treasonous acts committed by Lincoln, Wilson & FDR. They all score pretty bad on my list as well.

But most of the acts you cite had full complicity or at least acquiescence of Congress. Many were at least colorably Constitutional, and some were initiated by Congress and merely supported, enacted & enforced by the President.

Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus, for example, arguably meets the requirements set forth in the Constitution; whereas both G.W. Bush and Obama have more than adequately demonstrated that they don't give a rat's ass about habeas corpus and are willing to just ignore it. I would judge that more treasonous.

Also each successive President is, at the very least, an accessory after the fact to any crimes committed by his predecessors that he did not correct (like Nixon's revocation of FDR's gold confiscation order) or at least make a feeble effort to do something about (as with Reagan's posturing about eliminating the depts. of Energy & Education, which were unconstitutionally created by his predecessor & Congress)

Lincoln's, Wilson's and FDR's wars were at least legally declared by Congress (admittedly after a lot of meddling and behind the scenes treachery to trick or force the people to support them). Recent President's, again, prefer to just ignore the Constitution completely if it gets in the way of their wars or pogroms