Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sure, you can trust the government: FDA violates surveillance laws trying to shut down whistleblowers

It's truly interesting to parse the money quote from this NYT story.

First, you have the blaise statement about the Federal government's broad powers to violate the privacy of its employees, followed by the list of ways the Food and Drug Administration went WAY over the edge:
While federal agencies have broad discretion to monitor their employees’ computer use, the F.D.A. program may have crossed legal lines by grabbing and analyzing confidential information that is specifically protected under the law, including attorney-client communications, whistle-blower complaints to Congress and workplace grievances filed with the government.

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tom said...

The FDA???

You must be mistaken.

Why would a wonderful & benevolent agency that protects us from evil corporations that want to sell us diseased food and poisonous drugs be concerned about whistleblowers?