Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scott Gesty would vote to "Audit the Fed": will John Carney?

A vote on Congressman Ron Paul's HR 459 has been scheduled for July 24.

This vote will be taken under a suspension of the rules, which means (a) no amendments and (b) 2/3s majority needed to pass.

John Carney has been brushing off constituent letters and emails asking him to support this bill.  The staffer he had write back to me included a very condescending "history"of the Federal Reserve, and the promise that he would "consider" my views "if" the bill came to a vote.

That's Newspeak for "I don't plan to support it."

Please bombard Representative Carney's office with emails and calls to (202) 225-4165 demanding that he vote in favor of HR 459.

If he does, we'll give him the appropriate credit; and he'll deserve it, because this is a critical piece of legislation.

If he doesn't, that will be one more issue for Scott Gesty, Libertarian candidate for US House in Delaware, to beat him over the head with.


Unknown said...

You are right Steve. No one would have to bother calling me. Audit the Fed is a definate Yea!

Unknown said...

It is no surprise that Carney is showing to be the corporate stooge and lobbyist lackey that he is. He either does not understand the corruption behind this most secretive of private organizations, or he is protecting it. That makes him either ignorant or criminal. Transparency and audit is but one small way to enable the American people to have some involvement in the decisions made through this clandestine body. Issuing more stringent regulation of board members and their links to "private" banking interests is the very definition of conflict of interest. Currently it is banking by and for the bankers. It should rather be a utility in support of American business and the American people. And further, the SEC must be rechartered as a regulatory agency with it's agents on strict contract to not re-enter the employ of their regulated banks and investment houses for a period of 2 or more years upon exiting the SEC. The revolving doors and incestuous relationships between these agencies and their intended regulated industries must stop. Transparency in policy, audits and transparency in derivatives transactions level the playing fields and discourage corruption. Anti-trust regulations must be dusted off to prevent further mafia-like abuses in the CDS and state and municipal bond markets. Interbank rate manipulation and collusion are rampant and costing the tax payers billions. It is time to shut down our thoroughly corrupt banks and the corrupt politicians protecting them.

tom said...
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tom said...

Anyone who suspects that John Carney's Audit the Fed vote may have been bought need look no further than his contributors for confirmation.

Nearly a third of the donations he's received for this election cycle come from the Finance sector. Throw in Lawyers & Lobbyists and you've accounted for half of Carney's donations.